Residential Roof Repair in Glastonbury

Your roof is your home’s shield against the elements. It’s essential to ensure that it’s in tip-top shape at all times.

Roof damage, including missing shingles and leaks, can put the health and safety of your home at risk. Most roof damage is associated with water infiltration. Water damage in your home can lead to the growth of dangerous molds and can eventually work to weaken the structure of your house. For residential roof repair, get in touch with our highly qualified general contractors.

If you suspect roof damage, it’s crucial to get in touch with a trusted team of roof repair experts as soon as possible. Complete Power Industry Home Improvement, LLC is that team.

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Trusted Roof Leak Repair

Roof repairs are no easy feat, even if a roof repair seems simple enough, it’s important to leave it to trusted experts. Complete Power Industry Home Improvement, LLC contractors are highly trained. We prioritize safety and work together to ensure an accident-free worksite.

Our roof repair company will arrive at your home, fully equipped to face any challenge. We have the most reliable industry tools and techniques to complete the repair in no time.

Roof Inspection

Before we can get started, we will provide consultation and inspection. During the inspection process, we will assess the health of your roof and discuss the issues you are facing. From there, we can work together to come up with a solution, and write up an estimate.

We will be sure to get an understanding of your budget before making a project plan. We understand that roof damage may occur at inconvenient times, and we will do what we can to provide you with a service you can afford.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

The very best way to promote the health of your roof is through regular maintenance. With professional support, any potential issues facing your roof will be detected before they escalate.

Complete Power Industry Home Improvement, LLC offers annual and semi-annual roofing maintenance. We will climb on your roof and carefully inspect its condition.

Our Roof Repair Service

Loose nails, loose shingles, and all kinds of damage may be waiting up there. Holes and cracks in the roof itself, or the flashing, soffits, eaves, and fascia are a standard occurrence.  Moisture causes mold growth in your home within 24 to 48 hours. If you see watermarks on ceilings or smell a dank mildewy smell, get us on the phone immediately.

 Our repair services include:

  • Leak repair
  • Repairs for asphalt shingles, metal, and wood roofs
  • Emergency service after a storm or fire
  • Ventilation problems
  • Gutters
  • Critters
  • Ice dams
  • Tree damage
  • Chimneys and skylights
  • Solar panel/satellite issues

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While many roofers offer roof repair, only Complete Power Industry Home Improvement, LLC can give you a thorough and high-quality service you deserve.

For years, we have been servicing homes throughout the Glastonbury area. We are proud to provide unparalleled roof repair and maintenance services. Keeping our clients safe and dry is what we do best!

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